Established in 2007

Dog Training


Executive Pet Concierge conducts one-on-one, dog training with hands-on practice and demonstration sessions in your home with your dog. We show you techniques to teach you the dos and don'ts in order to encourage desirable behaviours and reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviours.  In a caring manner, our approach is based on a reward based methodology. The selected techniques are customized to adapt to your dog's specific needs. During the initial session, we provide an initial consultation and follow through with offering you a recommended training program specifically designed for you and your dog. We will also provide you with a foundation of general dog psychology information to help you nurture your relationship with your dog.


Puppy raising

We specialize in puppy raising!  Just as when raising children, those early experiences are critical during a puppy's initial few months and are crucial to helping your puppy mature into a loving member of your family. Our goal is to help your puppy learn desirable behaviours while helping to prevent unwanted behaviours before they begin. Prevention is so much easier than treating unwanted behaviours.

Professional Credentials