Selecting The Right Breed


Making the decision to enrich your life by bringing a loving dog into your home is a great idea, but you may not know what type of dog you should choose to ensure a life of peace and harmony in your home. Not all dog breeds offer the particular temperament and energy level that suits your lifestyle. You need to choose the right breed for your lifestyle and dog handling expertise, as well as seek out a reputable breeder. Even if you are thinking about rescuing a dog from a rescue facility, it is important to know which mix-breeds you may encounter that would likely suite your lifestyle and the ones that would not. Either way, bringing home the wrongly-matched breed can lead to misery for both you and your future dog. It could even lead to your innocent dog being given away to a shelter and potentially being euthanized


With so much information regarding dogs in our society today, you have likely heard that there are far more inhumane puppy mills or backyard breeders in existence than caring, reputable ones. Buying a puppy from a puppy mill or backyard breeder creates 2 major problems for our canine friends. The first is these pups will likely have very poor health and possible serious behavioral problems. The second is the mothers of these poor puppies are likely abused, kept in isolation, and kept alive purely to breed. People who unknowingly purchase a puppy from a puppy mill are perpetuating the cruelty to these loving creatures. One should keep a diligent eye out for such puppy mills and avoid them when looking for a high quality, caring breeder.


We offer to come to your home, assess your living situation, recommend a short list of suitable dog breeds, and give you guidelines on how to find a reputable breeder if you decide to purchase a puppy. Executive Pet Concierge also assists with choosing the right dog for you from a shelter.

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